How to update value in a menu item on runtime?

You can update the value of an ItemInput in the loop function by calling menu.getItemAt(``position``)->setValue("your new value here")


  1. menu.getItemAt(``your position``)->setValue("your new value here")

  2. menu[``your position``]->setValue("your new value here")

  3. menu[``your position``][``your sub position``].setValue("your new value here")

1. and 2. are the same, 3. will change the value of the item at ``your sub position`` in the submenu at ``your position``

You can also use [menu.getCursorPosition()] in place of menu.[``your position``] if your cursor is on your desired menu item.

Index/position starts from 1

How to completely hide the menu?

There is a hide() and a show() function, calling hide will clear the display, thereby hiding the menu.

How to get the parent menu item from a submenu?

Getting the item at index = 0 from the menu will give you the ItemHeader, from there you can get the parent menu of the current menu.

Calling getSubMenu() on an ItemHeader returns the parent menu of the submenu where the ItemHeader is.

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